OVI DUI License Suspensions & Driving Privileges

All Ohio OVI DUI License Suspensions are Not Equal

There are many classes of license suspension that can take place in the course of an OVI DUI case.

  • The Administrative License Suspension can result from refusing to submit to chemical testing (blood, breath or urine) or from testing over the limit set by the state. These suspensions range from 90 days to 5 years depending on particular circumstances of the case.
  • The Court can issue a Pre-Trial Judicial Suspension that lasts for the duration of the case.
  • Suspensions can be imposed for lack of providing proof of insurance coverage insurance coverage.
  • Judicial Suspensions MUST be imposed for conviction of OVI DUI (6 months to lifetime depending on the particular circumstances of the case) and CAN be imposed for lesser included offenses (1 day to 3 years depending on the particular circumstances of the case).
  • Navigating this web of suspension requires knowledge of the Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Administrative Code, BMV Policy, Court Policy, Ohio OVI DUI training, and knowledge of relevant Case Law pertaining to all these areas.

A knowledgeable and aggressive OVI DUI Attorney can sometimes get the initial license suspension vacated or stayed.

DRIVING PRIVILEGES can be issued for employment, education, and family necessity. They must be requested quickly and appropriately to get you back on the road. Attorney Bucher focuses on OVI DUI and understands how to properly construct these requests which will cause your privileges to be less intrusive on your day to day life.

An Important Tip Regarding State ID’s

NEVER request a “State ID” from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles due to the police taking your physical license. This will result in the CANCELLATION of your license and you will not be eligible for driving privileges unless you take your drivers examination again. Your attorney must get the Court to sign an Order to permit you to take the drivers examination which leads to further delay.

ALWAYS request a “TEMPORARY ID” from the BMV. You will then have proper photo ID and still be eligible to receive driving privileges in the quickest time possible.

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