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Defense Attorney Andrew R. Bucher is an experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive OVI/DUI attorney.
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Attorney Bucher is an OVI DUI lawyer who proudly and vigorously defends clients in OVI / DUI matters across Northwest Ohio.

Attorney Bucher’s AVVO Advice


“Mr. Bucher was the right choice of attorney for us. He was, by far, more knowledgeable than our local attorneys about OVI charges and everything associated with them. He knows the “in’s” and “out’s” of field sobriety tests and breath analysis tests as well as the workings of the court and can handle details as they arise. With Mr. Bucher on the case, we knew our rights would be protected, and our best interests kept in mind, and they were. We are very pleased with the advice and expertise Mr. Bucher brought to our case, and satisfied with the outcome.”


“The difference between Andrew Bucher and most other lawyers is his scientific background and his open personality. He is very easy to communicate with will explain things in a way you can understand. He is very busy throughout the week but always responded back to my calls in a timely fashion. His passion is to protect you, and not just collecting your money. This is shown in how personable he is with his clients. I recommend this lawyer for anyone in the area.”

Trusted Advocate

“Andrew Bucher handled my delicate case with sensitivity, insightfulness and with my best interest at heart. He was trusted by the judge and court system, and offered advice that didn’t just mean more money in his pocket, but instead was the legal advice that I needed to get back to what was important – my career and family. He is one of the hardest working attorneys I have ever seen, and while I know he was working many cases, he always answered my questions and my case’s outcome was better than I would have expected.”

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I Would Definitely Use Andrew Again!
“Andrew was very knowledgeable on everything that could or could not happen on my case. Everything that i thought might help he had already thought of and was already on it. He was very good at keeping me informed with what was going on with my case. If I were to ever need a lawyer again for any reason I would definitely use Andrew again.”


It was Obvious the Judge Respected Him
“…I live out of state and Andrew handed all of the pre-trial hearings without me having to appear, which was a great benefit to me… The day of the trial, we were confronted with a unique situation by the prosecution’s main witness. Andrew’s understanding of the law, even in this somewhat oblique situation was paramount in getting the verdict I got. Andrew challenged the prosecution in an appropriate manner and it was obvious the judge respected his demeanor and the position Andrew was conveying… No one WANTS to have to hire a lawyer, but if I had to again I would not hesitate to have Andrew represent me.”


Andy Saved My Livelihood!
“Andy saved me and my livelihood! No other attorney would have been able to get the results that I received. I had called Andy when he was on vacation & also it was on a Sunday and he returned my call very promptly , I would highly recommend Andy.”


You Need an Aggressive, Knowledgeable Lawyer

The days of “Mr. General Criminal Defense Attorney” consistently getting the best possible resolution in OVI cases have ended.

OVI DUI Defense Attorney Andrew R. Bucher is an experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive attorney who focuses on these particular cases (not on general criminal defense) and understands the science involved, in addition to the many legal issues. A knowledgeable, aggressive attorney is essential if you are serious about defeating or reducing your charges.


Whatever collection of letters is thrown at you, the allegation is the same, violation of the law for driving while impaired or with a prohibited amount of a specified substance (alcohol, prescription drugs, OTC medication, or street drugs) present in your breath, blood or urine at the time of operation of the motor vehicle. From 2004 to the present, the term adopted by the State of Ovhio is OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) and OVUAC for underage persons.

MYTH: Any criminal defense attorney can handle OVI DUI offense

In reality, OVI DUI defense is a highly technical area of the law that is further complicated by:

  • The legislature’s constant tinkering through amendments (they have changed it 7 times in 6 years)
  • The ongoing changes in the case law (decisions of courts on unsettled nuances in OVI matters that then apply to future cases).
  • The various types of scientific analytical testing introduced into the equation (Blood, Breath, and Urine)
  • Your attorney’s training in and ability to analyze Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (One Leg Stand, Walk and Turn, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus – “the eye test”), and non-standardized testing (counting, ABCs, balancing tests, etcetera)
  • OVI – DUI is an area of law that demands the attorney who keeps up with the constant changes, is able to apply multiple areas of the law (traffic, constitutional, criminal, civil) and is able to apply the scientific principals, theory, and applicable testing standards behind the analytical testing method utilized (if one was used) and to the Standardized and Non-Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.

MYTH: I blew or gave a sample (blood or urine), so I am guilty and we cannot win

This is absolutely false.

Breath testing machines are not perfect machines and their results can be inaccurate or false. Recent decisions with the State of Ohio’s new breath machine have indicated both total unreliability of the machine and error of 25% or more.

The number the breathalization machine spits out is not to be accepted as true and every client should receive extensive questioning regarding the test. Failure to question about a multitude of medical and circumstantial conditions is a common error made by defense attorneys.

This is also true regarding Blood and Urine testing. Samples are mishandled, labs do not process them correctly, and the instrumentation can even be utilized incorrectly causing ERROR TO ALL SAMPLES TESTED.

The numbers are relevant, but they are not the end of the inquiry, you must have a lawyer who knows how to attack and is willing to question these “results” supplied by the state.

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