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Just a few of Attorney Bucher's happy clients


“Andrew Bucher handled my delicate case with sensitivity, insightfulness and with my best interest at heart. He was trusted by the judge and court system, and offered advice that didn’t just mean more money in his pocket, but instead was the legal advice that I needed to get back to what was important – my career and family. He is one of the hardest working attorneys I have ever seen, and while I know he was working many cases, he always answered my questions and my case’s outcome was better than I would have expected.”


“Through his extensive training in OVI/DUI cases, Mr. Bucher is clearly the best. When I went to see him I thought there was no way he could help me with my case. After my first consultation with him, I hired him right on the spot. He talks to you as a regular person, makes you feel comfortable while he goes through your case. He goes over your case with a fine tooth comb finding any mistakes with the way officer handled your situation. He has earned my respect and gratitude!”


“I am a professional who is employed at an executive level with a very large organization. I knew I was in a situation that could completely destroy my life from the possibility of a long jail sentence, the loss of employment, financial ruin, and devastation to my family. Mr. Bucher took my case, worked extremely hard to get the charges reduced and the punishment mitigated such that I was able to stay out of jail, keep my employment and maintain the other commitments and responsibilities in my life. I give Mr. Bucher my highest recommendation and would not hesitate to utilize his services in the future.”


“Mr. Bucher is very trustworthy lawyer. He handled my case brilliantly and was very informative. he helped me in saving my job. I will totally recommend him to anyone who is looking for a DUI case lawyer.”


“Mr. Bucher is an outstanding attorney. Got my charges reduced, and was always very prompt with his responses. I never had any problem getting ahold of him, which took away a lot of the stress. Highly recommend him!”


“If you ever get a DUI I would definitely recommend Andrew Bucher as your lawyer. He is very respectful and will go above and beyond what it takes to take care of you. I could honestly say i see him more as a friend after having him do my case. He is very smart and knows all the insides and outsides of DUI’s.”


“Mr. Bucher did a superb job handling both of my cases. He produced very favorable outcomes for two separate OVI charges. He was courteous, informative, and did a great job fielding questions from me as well as members of my family. He understands the system, and knows all the players involved. His legal acumen is beyond reproach. If facing an OVI/DWI charge, I highly recommend hiring Mr. Bucher as your legal representation.”


“Mr. Bucher was the perfect lawyer for my ovi case. His knowledge on correct procedures for ovi convictions were second to none. He was amazing in court and before it was over I was only made to pay court cost. After a bad experience with courts and lawyers he returns my faith in good lawyers that work hard for you. I would highly recommend him to anyone and appreciate everything he did for me.”


“Andy was great from the beginning. I was never in trouble like this before and he kept me calm and helped me in every way he could. Mr. Bucher reached me very fast after I called him and set up a meeting. I was shocked at how knowledgeable he was and was very happy with my outcome. With his help I can keep pursuing the career I wanted.’


“Charged with misdemeanor marijuana and paraphernalia, Mr. Bucher was able to get the marijuana charge completely dropped and the paraph. charge lessened to disorderly conduct. I don’t have any license issues/suspensions or drug charges on my record, these were large factors to take into account with my case and the type of profession I am in, especially the license suspension.”


“Andrew was very knowledgeable on everything that could or could not happen on my case. Everything that i thought might help he had already thought of and was already on it. He was very good at keeping me informed with what was going on with my case. If I were to ever need a lawyer again for any reason I would definitely use Andrew again.”


“Andrew Bucher did an excellent job with my OVI case. He did everything possible in getting my case down as much as he could and he succeeded at doing so. I would recommend attorney Bucher to anyone who has a case involving an OVI or anything of that sort. I couldn’t have picked a better lawyer!”


“After receiving my 3rd OVI in 20 years and a reasonable control citation, it looked as though I was in big legal trouble, as well as my job being in jeopardy, huge fines, incarceration, car immobilized, allot of stress on my family also. I knew I could not just get any lawyer, especially in this town of good ole boy`s and 2 pretty strict judge`s. Started with the phone book and did not feel comfortable with any of the choices , then I went on line Andy was the third lawyer I looked at his, credentials were excellent especially in the area of the blood or breathalyzer tests, as well as his up to date education on OVI laws, called him on the phone he quickly called me back even as he was traveling and took some quick info, made an appointment, seen him 2 days later discussed the facts of the case and he took it from there. To make a long story short, or in my case a bad situation into good, he filed motions to suppress the evidence being the stop itself Andy was able to get the reasonable control thrown out hence no OVI charge. Still lost my licence for refusing to blow had to pay the court fines and reinstatement fees, but compared to what could have happened to me I am very grateful!! Hell of a Christmas present, and I would recommend Andy to anybody even if it was there first OVI As a matter of fact just sent him 2 more customers once again Andy thank u and happy New Year.”


“In September of 2013 I received a traffic citation in Auglaize County. Rather than take the easy way out and just pay the fine, because I believed I was not guilty, I engaged Andrew’s services to fight the citation in court. I live out of state and Andrew handed all of the pre-trial hearings without me having to appear, which was a great benefit to me. During this process he kept me continually updated, primarily through email, to let me know where I stood. The day of the trial, we were confronted with a unique situation by the prosecution’s main witness. Andrew’s understanding of the law, even in this somewhat oblique situation was paramount in getting the verdict I got. Andrew challenged the prosecution in an appropriate manner and it was obvious the judge respected his demeanor and the position Andrew was conveying. I believe Andrew actually helped guide the judge in the applicable law precedent for what we were encountering. Obviously the best recommendation comes from a successful outcome, but without Andrew’s help and counsel I am convinced the chances of success would have been greatly diminished. No one WANTS to have to hire a lawyer, but if I had to again I would not hesitate to have Andrew represent me.”


“ In December of 2013, I was involved in an auto accident. Needless to say this was upsetting. When the police arrived they ticked me for what I felt was an unfair and incorrect traffic violation. They also informed me that I could not pay the ticket,but had to appear before a judge. This to, was very upsetting as I was leaving soon for Florida and would have to fly back to appear in court. Attorney Andrew Bucher was recommended to me and I contacted him. He assured me that he could appear on my behalf saving me from flying home and present information to the court to defend me for the ticket I had been issued. Attorney Bucher did exactly that. He appeared on my behalf and had my ticket reduced down to a minor violation. He saved me 100’s of dollars and from points on my driver’s license. Hopefully, I won’t need Attorney Bucher assistance in the future, but if I ever have an accident again, the first call I would make would be to Attorney Bucher. I recommend Attorney Bucher highly to anyone needing legal assistance for a traffic violation or accident.”


“Andy first collected all the paperwork pertaining to my charges. He immediately pointed out that my license should not have been suspended. At the first court appearance, (5-days after incident), license suspension was thrown out. Waited 3-months for the pre-trial date, at which time, the charges were all suppressed or reduced. Andy definitely has an excellent rapport with the members inside Allen County Courthouse, which is extremely important! Very pleased with the services and support! Hope I never have to use his services again. (nothing personal) Thank you!”


“Mr. Bucher was the right choice of attorney for us. He was, by far, more knowledgeable than our local attorneys about OVI charges and everything associated with them. He knows the “in’s” and “out’s” of field sobriety tests and breath analysis tests as well as the workings of the court and can handle details as they arise. With Mr. Bucher on the case, we knew our rights would be protected, and our best interests kept in mind, and they were. We are very pleased with the advice and expertise Mr. Bucher brought to our case, and satisfied with the outcome.”


“ I hired Mr. Bucher for an OVI case which he successfully got reduced. Mr. Bucher was excellent in handling everything for me. He always responded to me quickly, answered all of my questions, and put me at ease. After hiring Mr. Bucher for a previous case, I had no question that I would use him again. I have already recommended him to a few friends and would definitely recommend him to anyone. He is very knowledgeable about all of the laws and court procedures, and works his hardest to get you the best outcome possible. I am beyond pleased with the service Andy has provided me and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone searching for a reliable, knowledgeable attorney.”


“The difference between Andrew Bucher and most other lawyers is his scientific background and his open personality. He is very easy to communicate with will explain things in a way you can understand. He is very busy throughout the week but always responded back to my calls in a timely fashion. His passion is to protect you, and not just collecting your money. This is shown in how personable he is with his clients. I recommend this lawyer for anyone in the area.”


“Andy saved me and my livelihood! No other atty would have been able to get the results that I rec’d. I had called Andy when he was on vacation & also it was on a Sunday and he ret’d my call very promptly , I would highly recommend Andy.”


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