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Attorney Bucher's Courses, Certifications, and Qualifications

Attorney Andrew Bucher's Certifications and Qualifications

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“Andrew was very knowledgeable on everything that could or could not happen on my case. Everything that i thought might help he had already thought of and was already on it. He was very good at keeping me informed with what was going on with my case. If I were to ever need a lawyer again for any reason I would definitely use Andrew again.”


“…I live out of state and Andrew handed all of the pre-trial hearings without me having to appear, which was a great benefit to me… The day of the trial, we were confronted with a unique situation by the prosecution’s main witness. Andrew’s understanding of the law, even in this somewhat oblique situation was paramount in getting the verdict I got. Andrew challenged the prosecution in an appropriate manner and it was obvious the judge respected his demeanor and the position Andrew was conveying… No one WANTS to have to hire a lawyer, but if I had to again I would not hesitate to have Andrew represent me.”


“Andy saved me and my livelihood! No other attorney would have been able to get the results that I received. I had called Andy when he was on vacation & also it was on a Sunday and he returned my call very promptly , I would highly recommend Andy.”


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