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Blood and Urine Testing

multiple levels of potential error

The “Uncommon Test Case”

Blood and Urine Testing is not as common in OVI DUI cases in Ohio, mostly being limited to those involving accidents, where the driver specifically requests that type of test, or when law enforcement suspect impairment other than by alcohol. Consequently, many attorneys are unfamiliar with these tests, the applicable standards, and how to challenge them. This testing is—and will continue to be—on the rise in Ohio. OVI DUI Attorney Bucher is taking the steps necessary to defend his clients in these cases.

The Gold Standard?

The procedure most commonly used to test blood and urine for drugs that impair (including alcohol) is Headspace Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization. This basically consists of a lab separating the molecules via chromatography and then burning those molecules to measure the amount present. The common tagline is that it is the “Gold Standard” in chemical testing. A trained OVI DUI Defense Attorney knows otherwise.

Blood and Urine tests for OVI DUI impose the most regimented set of requirements upon law enforcement. Deviation from this multitude of requirements can result in the test being suppressed as it is no longer reliable. This is all too often the end of the inquiry by attorneys. It is necessary to look at potential error across the board, from the specimen collection to the lab.

Multiple Levels of Error

In addition to error by the Officer, OVI DUI Defense Attorney Bucher understands that mistakes and potential error can result from the actions of the individual who collected the sample, through deviation from laboratory procedure, through improper or incorrect usage of medical equipment, and even from manipulation of the machine used to test the samples in the Lab. He understands, can identify, and can exploit these issues to the great benefit of his clients.

Due to a recent United States Supreme Court Case, all blood and urine results must be introduced by the State Expert who tested them. Accordingly, a Scientific Background and intricate understanding of the testing processes is invaluable in attacking these cases.

The proper Ohio legal representation in OVI DUI can be the difference between the ability to critically analyze laboratory procedure/data and the ability to read a number off of a piece of paper.

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Attorney Bucher is an OVI DUI Defense Lawyer who has the scientific education and legal background to properly deal with any issues that arise from blood and urine tests. He does not require an expert to explain these matters to him or “translate” the scientific lingo, Attorney Bucher already speaks the language.

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“Mr. Bucher was the right choice of attorney for us. He was, by far, more knowledgeable than our local attorneys about OVI charges and everything associated with them. He knows the “in’s” and “out’s” of field sobriety tests and breath analysis tests as well as the workings of the court and can handle details as they arise. With Mr. Bucher on the case, we knew our rights would be protected, and our best interests kept in mind, and they were. We are very pleased with the advice and expertise Mr. Bucher brought to our case, and satisfied with the outcome.”


“The difference between Andrew Bucher and most other lawyers is his scientific background and his open personality. He is very easy to communicate with will explain things in a way you can understand. He is very busy throughout the week but always responded back to my calls in a timely fashion. His passion is to protect you, and not just collecting your money. This is shown in how personable he is with his clients. I recommend this lawyer for anyone in the area.”


“Through his extensive training in OVI/DUI cases, Mr. Bucher is clearly the best. When I went to see him I thought there was no way he could help me with my case. After my first consultation with him, I hired him right on the spot. He talks to you as a regular person, makes you feel comfortable while he goes through your case. He goes over your case with a fine tooth comb finding any mistakes with the way officer handled your situation. He has earned my respect and gratitude!”


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