The Evolution of OVI / DUI Law in Ohio

What has Changed in DUI / OVI Law in Ohio?

Twenty to thirty years ago these matters were far different than today. Penalties are now more severe, the prohibited limits are drastically lower, and lobbying groups have put Courts and Prosecutors under greater pressure to generate convictions. The days of being driven home by the kind-hearted officer after you acknowledged some poor judgment are long gone.

The tough reality is that there are active efforts to increase OVI DUI arrests and the questions that you are being asked are those taught to the Officer with the purpose of securing evidence for a conviction. This starts, in accordance with police training, before your car even comes to a stop.

Convictions, even for a first offense, can result in:

  • Suspension of your license for up to three years
  • Jail time (up to 180 days) Fines (up to $1075.00)
  • Increased rates of (or cancellation of) auto insurance
  • Increased rates for life insurance
  • Extensive periods with absolutely no ability to legally drive
  • Restricted (yellow) plates, Ignition interlock (blow to drive) and consequently, Loss of employment or difficulty getting a job.
  • Public record of the conviction for 50+ years

There is no “set sentence” for first time OVI DUI offenders, only mandatory minimum sentences and penalties, more severe sentences and penalties can be and are imposed upon first offenders.

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